About us

At the heart of our proposition is the knowledge that investors want a service that is simple and at the same time effective.

Most people want to maximise the growth on their investments and using a selection of well-managed investment funds can often be the best way to achieve this goal.

Combining various styles and types of investments, a diversified portfolio can produce significantly better returns than those associated with interest rates offered from banks or building societies. The key to successful investment is in the time you give your money to grow and choosing the investment sectors and investment managers wisely.

A core component of any investment proposition is how your investments are reviewed. Our portfolio service will monitor the progress of each investment and will provide a quarterly update detailing the performance of the portfolios and make recommendations to alter funds where we feel it to be necessary.

What we do

IMS Capital provide a highly streamlined and efficient method of investing your money across a variety of high-quality platform providers and investment wrappers.

What we do

IMS Process

Our in-house investment management team combine third-party expertise with bespoke research tools to develop a series of risk-adjusted asset allocation models which are reviewed every three months.

IMS Process

Argentis Asset Allocation Committee

At the end of each quarter our investment committee will review your investments to ensure that your portfolios remain in line with your goals and also with our views on current and predicted market conditions.


The value of units can fall as well as rise, and you may not get back all of your original investment.