Cautious Portfolio

This portfolio is designed to provide a long-term capital return in excess of the IMA 20-60% Equities Retail Sector.

The objective is achieved by using a balanced investment approach gaining exposure to a number of different asset types including shares and bonds, with a focus on Blue chip, higher rated instruments.

The performance of all funds in your portfolio is constantly monitored and formally reviewed on a quarterly basis by an investment committee.

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Other Capital Growth portfolio types:

Balanced portfolio

Whilst remaining largely centred on the UK this portfolio includes elements of developed and emerging market equity with a view to producing a higher level of return.


Growth portfolio

Investing into a range of geographic regions and asset classes this portfolio has a focus on higher risk assets making it suitable for investors willing to take on more risk for higher potential gain.


Adventurous portfolio

Investing primarily in a basket of international equities and is suitable for clients seeking returns similar to global equity markets.